Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is best suited for watching movies, playing games and running mobile applications. With a 4G LTE Wireless capability this tablet is among the most reliable ones on the market. Its dual stereo speakers provide users with an amazing experience they won’t find elsewhere. The WiFi has two antennas built into this tablet. As a result this tablet offers more reliable Internet access than many others. Dropped Internet connections happen much less frequently with this tablet, as opposed to similar ones.

The tablet’s impressive HD camera on the tablet is a front face camera that can be used to take still photos and it enables users to make video phone calls. In addition, the tablet itself is able to hold an impressive amount of HD content. Users can choose from various storage options when purchasing this tablet, which offers a minimum of 16GB of space.

People that use this tablet for both work and personal reasons will be happy to know that it has a calendar, email apps such as Gmail, Exchange and even Hotmail and it can easily keep track of all a user’s contacts.

One of the best- selling points of this tablet that many consumers enjoy is its reduced screen glare. Since glare on a screen is caused by an air gap, Amazon gets around that with this tablet by making its touch sensor laminated with its LCD panel. In most tablets the touch sensor is not laminated and this contributes to the glare on the screen. Amazon was smart enough to avoid that by using one layer of glass as opposed to multiple layers of glass.
Amazon customers are finding that this tablet offers them everything they need and then some, making it a popular choice.

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