Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7

The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 is very easy to use no matter how technically inclined an individual is. As a result, many people are purchasing it because they have never owned a tablet before and they are intimidated by the fancier ones.

Its IPS LCD screen is very easy to view and presents users with a clear and vivid picture whether they are reading their email, surfing the web or watching a movie. There is a slight blue glow visible at the edges of the screen, but users that can get past that are finding that this tablet meets their needs well.

The high resolution offered on this tablet means that the battery does not last as long as other tablet batteries do, but people can still use it roughly five hours at a time before having to charge it again. The plus side is that if a user is willing to set the tablet’s screen to less than the full level of brightness it can last more than five hours off of the charger.

There are some optional features consumers can choose to get from this tablet, including an ad free experience or an upgraded amount of memory on the tablet. Bluetooth ear pieces can also be used in conjunction with the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7.

Navigating this tablet is easy because the basic sections are divided into the three most important parts; Store, On Device and Cloud. This lets users organize all of the data and programs that they have on their tablet.

Its processor is faster than that of many other tablets and is beating the competition as a result. Consumers also love the included email, contact and calendar apps.

This tablet is the best choice for many satisfied consumers.