Apple iPad Air

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The Apple iPad Air is the lightest weight iPad to date, at .29 inches and 9.4 by 6.6. An improvement over older models of the iPad, this version has a flat back as opposed to a convex one, making it more convenient to most people. Laying the Apple iPad Air on a flat surface like a table when listening to music, allows the user to hear the music as clear as a bell.

Aside from the sound quality of this tablet, the Apple iPad Air provides users with a bright LCD touch screen that is easy to view. With an A7 processor, this tablet runs much more efficiently than most others. As well as having a powerful processor it also boasts a long lasting battery life, something many consumers look for in a tablet. Using WiFi the battery life of this tablet is as much as 10 hours at a time. Even watching content with the tablet’s screen set at the brightest level possible the battery still lasts roughly six hours before needing to be charged.

The tablet’s main camera is very powerful and takes amazingly clear pictures. It performs well in low light and boasts a very fast shutter. The camera’s built in micromode means that reading text on this tablet is very easy to do. The tablet’s front camera takes both still photos and videos.

Users looking for a large amount of memory are pleased with the Apple iPad Air because it is available with 16, 32, 64 and even 128GB versions. Users can store as much as 115GB of files for free when they purchase the 128GB version of the Apple iPad Air.

This tablet is also popular among consumers due to its ability to allow users to sync their iTunes library through WiFi or USB cables.

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