There are a couple of popular Apple Tablets, including the iPad air, and the iPad mini.

Apple iPad Air (Rated 9.8 of 10)

(1549 reviews)

The Apple iPad Air is the lightest weight iPad to date, at .29 inches and 9.4 by 6.6. An improvement over older models of the iPad, this version has a flat back as opposed to a convex one, making it more convenient to most people. Laying the Apple iPad Air on a flat surface like a table when listening to music, allows the user to …READ MORE

Apple iPad Mini (Rated 9.4 of 10)

(81 reviews)

The Apple iPad Mini is everything the iPad2 is in a much smaller package. The tablet’s glass screen provides a very sharp display picture that offers rich colors and a brightness that many other tablets don’t offer. The size of the screen means that the touch sensitive keyboard has bigger keys than the competition. This is a great feature for anyone who does a lot of ...READ MORE