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The ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 is named for its 7 inch display screen. With dual rear and front cameras, this tablet takes beautiful pictures and clear videos. Its dual stereo speakers are equipped with Sonicmaster Technology, making it great to listen to any type of music on.

This lightweight tablet, at 302g, is extremely portable and travels well. Its 10 hour battery life also makes it a great travel companion for busy people. Its operating system is the Android 4.2. With 1GB of built in memory, this is a great first tablet for anyone. As one of the lowest priced tablets on the market, it allows users to  get their feet wet and enjoy many of the advantages that tablets can offer.

Some of the applications the tablet comes preloaded with are the Asus Launcher, Kindle, Zimio and more. The price of this tablet is affordable for most consumers, despite all its great features.

The tablet’s processor is extremely fast and delivers 16GB of RAM. It supports several types of video and audio files. While it doesn’t support WMA files it does support WAV, MP3a and many other file types. The tablet has built in speakers on the back of it that delivers crisp sound and can easily be muffled with one hand if necessary.

Equipped with built in WiFi, this tablet fulfills the basic need for accessing the Internet from virtually anywhere. It is a great choice for students or families on a budget. With so many useful features it can give consumers a good idea of what they can do with a tablet. A floating key along the bottom of the screen allows users to easily access all the built in applications and features that the tablet has to offer to users.

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