Barnes & Noble Nook HD+

The Barnes & Noble Nook HD+ is the company’s own tablet. It comes with access to more than 700,000 apps including games, music, movies and books. It uses Google Chrome as its built in web browser and comes with a 9 inch display screen that allows users to easily view videos, read e-books and check email.

Featuring the Google Play store, the Nook HD+ offers some of the most popular social media apps today, such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Google Maps and the Gmail app make this tablet extremely reliable and useful in the eyes of many consumers.

People who want to take their tablet with them wherever they go are finding that this 18.2 ounce tablet is the perfect travel companion. It can easily be slid into a suitcase, briefcase, book bag or other bags. They also love that it can run for up to 10 hours without having to be charged.

Parents are finding that the Nook HD+ keeps their young children occupied with interactive books. Families can create up to six different profiles so that the Nook can be personalized to the specifications of each family member.

With an expandable memory this tablet can handle a lot of data, including music, movies, games and more. There is a slot in the tablet that can hold more than 32GB of data when a Micro SD3 card is installed. The Nook Cloud even stores any video, games, or books that the user purchases with the tablet. The Nook Scrapbook lets users save pages in catalogs and magazines and keeps them all in one central location, making them easy to access and use.

The Nook HD+ by Barnes & Noble has many consumers excited about the possibilities open to them when they own one.

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