Data Options – Verizon

Verizon on the other had has their data plans begin with 4 GB at $30 a month (excluding other fees), its recommended for most users, with the 5 GB for heavier users. Verizon also has a shared Data plan with a similar $10 per additional device fee.  Amazingly they have data plans that go up as high as 50 GB a month. That is if you are willing to shell out $335 a month.

Besides the price, you must consider if you are within the location coverage of the carrier. When you hear the word coverage, the most important variable to consider is the LTE availability. (Its the Acronym for Long Term Evolution, known as 4G LTE, considered the standard for wireless communication of high-speed data) LTE should be one of the most crucial variables in your decision as it makes all the difference when it comes to data performance.

Verizon has quickly deployed their LTE Coverage.  In fact, they claim that they are the only one with the 4G network that is 100% LTE.  Some of their customers have recently complained of data being a bit slow, so Verizon has continued to build out it capacity.

AT&T has been building out their LTE network as quickly as they can. They do have the LTE network available in over 400 markets.  They are publicly claiming that they are the most reliable network, and faster than Verizon in terms of successful delivery rate of high-speed content.

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