Data Plans

Best data providers, how much and Which company to use?

Once you have chosen a Tablet, you must consider which data plan to go on. (You can choose to go with just wifi, but to get the full power of this machine while you surf the world wide web, a real data plan will make the difference.) Data plans are sold based on monthly usages, you need to decide initially how much you will use. (going over your permitted data amount could be quite costly) The amount of monthly Data you can purchase will vary between 1 and 50 GB. The recommended amount for most people will be in the 3-6 GB range.

The two main data providers are AT&T and Verizon. AT&T recommends at least 3 GB, which starts at $30/month (excludes other account charges). The next plan up the 4GB climbs up to $80 a month (again not including other account charges), but this also becomes a Shared Data plan. There is an additional $10 fee for each additional device you join to the shared plan. You will be allowed to have the data plan shared with up to 10 devices. Alternatively, you can go on a monthly non-contract plan for around $30 a month. AT&T will allow you to go up to 20 GB per month with a monthly fee of $120. (Only makes sense if are streaming movies online 24 hours a day)

Verizon on the other had has their data plans begin with 4 GB at $30 a month (excluding other fees), its recommended for most users, with the 5 GB for heavier users. Verizon also has a shared Data plan with a similar $10 per additional device fee.  Amazingly they have data plans that go up as high as 50 GB a month. That is if you are willing to shell out…READ MORE