Dell Venue 11 Pro

The Dell Venue 11 Pro is a tablet like no other in that it is like having a desktop, laptop and tablet all in one. It’s built in wireless capabilities allow users to stream both photos and videos in HD to a TV. Though this requires the user to purchase a media adapter and an HDMI enabled TV in order to do so, many consumers consider this to be one of the tablet’s best -selling features.

Specs – The Dell Venue 11 Pro carries a 2GB DDR3 Memory chip, with a Intel Gen7 Graphics video card producing the magnificent display you will see. An installed 32GB Mobility Solid State drive provides plenty of storage space on even the base model.

It has wireless capabilities through the Dell wireless 1538 Dual-Band, as well as a great Webcam which is 2MP HD WEbcam on the front and 8MP on the Back. Weighing at just over 1.5 pounds with a Length by Width dimensions of 7 by 12 inches makes this tablet very easy to carry around.

Strengths – Complete with NFC capabilities, the Dell Venue 11 Pro can be paired with other devices that have NFC capabilities such as other computers, speakers and headphones. The tablet’s front camera is well suited for video and audio conferencing. Users who conduct business on their tablet or keep up with family and friends that way are seeing the value in this feature that not many other tablets offer. The tablet even has two noise canceling mics built in to facilitate video conferences.

Once the Dell Venue 11 Pro is fully charged it can last up to eight to ten hours before having to be charged. Business travelers and anyone who flies long distances love that they can rely on their tablet without having to have its charger with them everywhere they go. Many consumers have already chosen the added option of the mobility keyboard, which has a battery embedded into it. This allows users to increase the amount of time in which the tablet can be off its charger.

Weaknesses – There is much ‘bad’ about this machine. Not being able to use the front camera for calls except for skype may be one negative, although most people today probably use Skype so it should not be too much of an issue. The only other issue would be the limitation in the hardware may have an effect on playing games for the hardcore gamer, again that should not effect most users.

Outstanding Features – Those who have a need to multitask value this tablet because its Windows 8.1 OS enables the tablet to support all Windows XP and 7 applications. With so many great features, consumers are finding that when they are on the go, the Dell Venue 11 Pro is their best choice in tablets.

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See Table Summary below of the Dell Venue 11 Pro:

Dell Venue 11 Pro

Dell Venue 11 Pro







        Battery Life





            • - Doubled the Battery Life up to 16 hours
            • - Great as a Hybrid when you add the Mobile Keyboard
            • - Cheaper alternative to the Surface Pro 2
            • - versatile docking options


            • - Front Camera only works for skype calls
            • - Hardware not powerfull enough for hardcore gamers