Emerson Cortex

The Emerson Cortex is a low-priced multi-touch tablet that offers web browsing, social media, and video downloads for basic use at home. Despite its sleek black design, 7 inch screen, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, the Emerson Cortex is really nothing more than a sophisticated calculator best left as a children’s toy.

Emerson Cortex

Emerson Cortex 7.0-Inch 4 GB Tablet

Specs and Strengths – The Emerson Cortex has a 800 x 480 pixel resolution, only weighs 1 pound and has 10.20 x 2.12 x 6.10 inch (L x W x H) dimensions, making it one that is easy to carry with you. It has 1 GHz 8803 CORTEX A8 processor with 0.5 GB DDR3, making it perfect for audio books, e-reading, and watching simple videos.

Weaknesses – Many users report having difficulty connecting the Emerson Cortex to Wi-Fi, making the tablet practically useless without internet connectivity. Users have also reported that the touch-screen sensitivity can be tricky, working off or on, and often freezing. This tablet is not fast and does not have sharp resolution, but if you’re good with a paperclip, you may be able to “MacGyver” it into a functioning mode. Unfortunately, the lack of a rear camera makes picture taking impossible.

Outstanding Features – Oddly, the Emerson Cortex’s most outstanding feature is stylistic. The power button, volume control, headphone jack, usb port and micro-sd card slot are all located on one of the long edges of the tablet – a convenient and obvious feature that isn’t seen in most higher-end tablets. This clever feature enables users to keep the tablet in a case while having the headphone and power port occupied. Best yet, you have easy access to the volume control too.

Sadly, style alone will not save the Emerson Cortex. If you are looking for an affordable, all-purpose tablet, that will deliver months of use, you will need to make an investment in more sophisticated technology.

Emerson Cortex Summary

The Emerson Cortex is light and very stylish. It fails in one of the most basic requirements of tablets – touch-screen sensitivity. The wifi connectivity leaves a lot to be desired. It’s not worth the effort whatsoever. You an also take a look at similar Androids to compare qualities on the Android Page Review.

Emerson Cortex

Emerson Cortex







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            • - Style
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            • - Weight


            • - Speed
            • - Touch screen sensitivity
            • - Screen
            • - Camera
            • - Wifi connectivity