Five Most Crucial Variables for Tablets

The top five features to consider include the  Processor, Display, Connectivity, Camera, and the Size. There are several things to look out for when deciding on how important each feature will be to your tablet usage.

Processing Power

For most people the processor will be the number one consideration. If you consider yourself a gamer, not having a powerful processor will ruin your gaming experience. If you enjoy streaming HD videos and don’t have the patience to wait for your tablet to load the video, then you are included in the need to prioritize the processor. If you plan to use a Tablet for work purposes (believe it or not some people actually do!) then you certainly will not appreciate not have the ability to run multiple applications simultaneously. When you compare the processing power of the different tablets, your minimum starting point shoudl be a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor.

Screen Display

Number two on your shopping list should be the screen display. One of the factors to consider will be the screen resolution. You will want to make sure it is high enough to meet your needs. The easiest way to understand the resolution is by the number of pixels. A higher pixel number will translate into better (clearer) viewing …READ MORE


Being able to have online access is always important. Most Tablets will have online capabilities that will begin with basic Wi-Fi, to 3G/ 4G, and eventually even 5G (currently available in other countries but not yet in the USA). Having a Wi-Fi connection will give you ...READ MORE


Yes, size matters. The most common size range is from seven inches to ten inches. To determine the perfect size you need will determine on your usage. If you plan to take it with you …READ MORE


This is the last factor on our list, but if you are a big picture person, this may be closer to the top. One variable to consider is your preference for a rear-facing or a front-facing camera. Some of the tablets will give you both options similar to the common iphone. However, if you pick a tablet that gives you only one choice you should consider the cons & pros of each option. If you have the rear-facing option then you will notice that its very useful for…READ MORE