Matricom G-Tab Quantum

 (945 reviews)

The Matrixom G Tab Quantum is one of the more unique tablets on the market. With the newest processor out there, this tablet is taking the world by storm in 2014. It offers amazing experiences when it comes to gaming and other multimedia activities. Its built in power saving features help the battery last longer than most tablet batteries do. The best part is it can do this without sacrificing anything about the performance of the tablet itself.

With an HD display screen viewing videos on this tablet is like watching them on a big screen TV. The included IPS technology that enables high-speed switching displays is one of the tablet’s more appealing features. The tablet’s Dual Camera allows users to take great photos and videos. It has both a front and rear camera and the rear camera can catch all the action and snap crystal clear pictures while the front camera works well when one wants to have a video chat. The mini HDMI built into the tablet allows users to view videos on their tablet by sending those videos straight to their TV.

Its integrated wireless capabilities let users download apps, communicate with family and friends and even have video chats with them. Both music and videos can be streamed to the tablet from any website. With the included Google Play store users have access to thousands of exciting apps and enough memory to store a lot of them.

Gamers love this tablet because it easily supports 3D gaming. This makes it very popular among users who want to play their favorite games no matter where they go. The universal appeal of this tablet has made it very popular among consumers who are looking for a high quality mobile device they can count on.

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