Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is the tablet that may very well replace your laptop. Surface Pro 3 is as beautiful as it is functional providing all the power, performance and mobility of a laptop in an incredibly lightweight, versatile and sleek tablet.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Specs – The Microsoft Surface 8G’s 2160 x 1440pixel resolution is rich and crisp. Best of all, at 1.8 pounds and 0.36 x 11.50 x 7.93 (L x W x H) inch dimensions, the Microsoft Surface Pro is small enough to carried to work or school every day without feeling cumbersome. With 9 hours (average) of battery life, a 3.0 USB ports, and 5 MP Rear Webcam Resolution, the Surface Pro has 802.11A, 802.11B, 802.11G, 802.11n wireless connectivity so you can always connect with your family and friends.

Microsoft Surface Pro’s 4th-generation Intel Core processor delivers 1366 x 768 pixels of vibrant content on its 12 inch ClearType Full HD display screen, making users virtually addicted to the HD viewing experience.

Strengths – The Surface Pro 3’s 12 inch display panel, color saturation and viewing angles are exceptional. The kickstand can be tilted at a number of different degrees, and the tablet’s speed is literally lightning fast.
The 5.0 megapixel 1080p front-and-rear facing cameras provide extraordinary picture clarity and the brick on the power supply contains a USB 2.0 port so you can charge your phones while charging the tablet. The Surface Pro has updated to Dolby Audio stereo front facing speakers and Windows 8.1 has been optimized by the latest generation of Intel and SSDs.

It’s doubtful that you’ll find a laptop (without a keyboard) that is any thinner than the Surface Pro 3. The unit’s size and weight are optimum, and it offers the ability to add microSD cards to increase storage. One Note makes Class notes, diagrams, client work as easily as writing on paper, with endless cloud memory and 100% portability. Best yet, unlike iPad or Android tablets, the Microsoft Surface Pro will run full desktop capable apps.

Weaknesses – There really aren’t too many weaknesses with a high-end machine of the Surface Pro 3’s caliber. Some users report that the Surface Pro 3 will take a few seconds to restart after hibernating overnight, others have said that it can become hot to the touch when running heavy software, or that they have had problems using the trackpad.

One issue that seems to recur, however, is the tablet’s loss of Wi-Fi. Sometimes, the Wi-Fi connection completely disappears from the device. Users have found temporary relief by restarting the tablet, and it seems that Microsoft is aware of the problem and is working out the bugs.

Outstanding Features – To be sure, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3’s most outstanding feature is that it has all the power and performance of your favorite laptop. The tablet comes pre-loaded with Windows 8.1 Pro, and you can install all of your favorite desktop software, including the Microsoft Office Suite. The Windows platform also provides access to thousands of apps and programs, and the newly-designed Surface Pen delivers a natural writing and drawing experience.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Summary

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is certainly worth the purchase. It’s the best tablet if you are looking for a replacement for your laptop. You can run possibly everything on it that can be run on a windows laptop, including Microsoft Office. Now that’s just a win-win situation. You an also take a look at similar Microsoft tablets to compare qualities on the Microsoft Page Review.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 3







        Battery Life





            • - Screen Size
            • - Speed
            • - Camera
            • - USB 2.0 port
            • - Expandable storage


            • - Loss of Wi-Fi
            • - Heating