Microsoft Surface

If you are looking for a strong, all-purpose and affordable tablet, the Microsoft Surface is one that that the whole family can enjoy. From its smart design and build, ample 10.6” screen and HD camera, to its fully-loaded Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Surface’s Windows RT 8.1 system will boot up faster than you can settle into you chair.

Specs – Unlike Android tablets, the Microsoft Surface 32GB has a USB port to plug in a keyboard and mouse; and its 1366 x 768 pixel resolution is rich and crisp. Best of all, at 1.6 pounds, the Microsoft Surface is small enough to be carried by your grandmother. The Microsoft Surface 32GB dimensions are (L x W x H) 10.81 L x 6.77 x 0.37 inches. The Surface tablet features NVIDIA Tegra as its graphics coprocessor and delivers 1366 x 768 pixels of vibrant content on its 10.6 inch screen. With 8 hours (average) of battery life, 3 full-size USB ports, 6 MP Rear Webcam Resolution, the Microsoft Surface 32GB has a 802.11bgn wireless NVIDIA processor that delivers 4 processors with DDR3 SDRAM memory and an ATA-4Hard Drive Interface.

Strengths – The Microsoft Surface’s greatest strength is in productivity and mobility. Imagine having a complete stand-alone computer, fully loaded with the most updated Office Suite and anti-virus programs, with full-size USB’s, a microSD card, and micro HDMI, all in the size of a 1.5 pound magazine. Microsoft includes a one year warranty too. The 8-hour battery provides a full day’s worth of power, and Microsoft Surface’s pre-loaded Internet Explorer makes browsing easy. Surface plays all types of video including Flash, Silverlight, and more. The kickstand allows “hands-free” use for movie watching, Skype, etc.

Weaknesses – The Microsoft Surface 32GB does not have many downsides, and the few weaknesses it does have are easily remedied. Some users complain that the touch (mouse) component is hard to use. This can be corrected by using a USB-connected mouse. Also, program and OS updates can use up to 25 GB; users that need more than the Microsoft Surface’s 32 GB can expand the tablet’s memory by using a SD card. Some users have a hard time getting use to using the Microsoft Surface 32GB. Some find the sound quality low, but it can be enhanced with use of headphones or speakers. The Microsoft Surface’s most troubling weakness; however, is that a few Surface users have had tap the touch pad a few times to awaken the system. Time will tell if this is an issue that is structural, or simply the clumsiness of overly excited Surface users.

Outstanding Features – What’s most outstanding about the Microsoft Surface is its price. An all-in-one tablet, for use at work, school, home or when traveling, is hard to find for less than $300. Most users rate Microsoft Surface with 4+ stars (out of 5) and easily overlook the small inconveniences. What’s more, users feel confident about purchasing a Microsoft system, noting that, unlike other systems, Microsoft programs are historically strong and functional for years to come.

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Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface







        Battery Life





            • - Screen size
            • - Expandable storage
            • - Battery life
            • - Type cover keyboard
            • - Lighter than the iPad


            • - Too few apps
            • - No Chrome
            • - Power cord hard to use