RCA Tablet

Whether you want to surf the web, watch movies on Netflix, or log on to Facebook, the RCA Tablet is an all-purpose, affordable tablet that the whole family can enjoy. Its ample 9 inch screen is strong and feels significant and its Android 4.2 Operating System is fast, allowing the RCA Tablet to provide basic functions at an affordable price. The RCA Tablet’s dimensions are (L x W x H) 9.50 x 6 x 0.50 inches. With an average of 6 hours of battery life, this processor features a DDR3 SDRAM memory and an 8 GB hard drive.

Strengths – The RCA Tablet’s 9 inch screen size, sharp resolution, and simple operating system have some users reporting that that find it easier to navigate than an iPad. Most apps run with without a glitch. Of course, android apps have long since caught up, and in many cases, surpassed a number of iOS apps; and the Google Play App Store offers every app imaginable. Once powered up, users report that it finds Wi-Fi right away, and videos run without any lags or buffering, even while updating Google apps; so the RCA Tablet provides a great movie watching experience. The 6 hour battery lasts for a full session of web browsing, downloading, and running multiple apps.

Weaknesses – The RCA Tablet does not have many weaknesses for the price. Some users complain about the Google and Android ads that show up when the RCA Tablet is turned on. Also noted are the lack of free apps, the necessity of a Wi-Fi connection for browsing, and some users find that gaining proficiency with the tablet format takes some time. There are reports that some apps are incompatible with device because of the 9 inch screen size. Some users have complained about a faulty AC adapter and charge port noting that the cord is not strong. As with most tablets, low sound quality can be enhanced by using headphones or speakers. Many users report dismal customer service from RCA. Some users found that despite RCA’s 1 year warranty, their tech team’s response is slow (6 to 8 weeks to fix glitches) and shipping is at customer’s expense. A number of users report that RCA’s help desk is simply a waste of time.

Outstanding Features – What’s most outstanding about this tablet is its price. The RCA Tablet is recommended to budget-minded consumers who want a basic tablet for web surfing, use of email and social media accounts, and watching videos.

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RCA Tablet

RCA Tablet







        Battery Life





            • - Sharp resolution
            • - Great movie watching experience
            • - Very Fairly Priced


            • - Annoying ads when you turn it One
            • - Dismal Customer Service