Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

The Samsung Galaxy 2 is one of the best tablets to surf the Internet on. The newest Android OS is what powers the Samsung Galaxy 2 and gives it some of the best Internet functions of any tablet today. Its OS is called the Ice Cream Sandwich and gives users faster responses and quicker transitions from one screen to the next. One service that Samsung rolled out for this tablet was its Suggest service that recommends specific applications an individual user might like based on the way they already use the tablet.

The AllShare Play feature is helpful for people who also own a Samsung TV because they can download movies and TV shows to the tablet and then watch them on their TV. This has been a big seller when it comes to Samsung tablets. This feature also helps users by offering them web storage services to back up all of their multimedia items.

The ChatOn feature lets users connect to each other through a variety of digital devices. Group chats can be set up using ChatOn and Google + hangouts can also be used with this application.

The Samsung Hub helps users easily find what they are looking for when it comes to the best in movies, music, books, games and more. Hub services make apps that an individual uses on a regular basis easily accessible on the tablet’s home screen. Users can have the latest local weather displayed on the home screen of their tablet or they can use it to keep up with their favorite sports team.

With so many amazing features that consumers love, the Samsung  Galaxy Tab 2 has a lot of fans who want a tablet that is reliable, easy to use and provides them with high quality experiences.

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