Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – continued

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There are plenty of applications that are preloaded onto the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 including Dropbox, which offers users up to 50GB of storage space for free. The Google + application allows for multiple people to make video calls. Other applications allow users to watch streaming video on their tablet and play a wide variety of games.

For fans of Samsung, the Galaxy Tab 3 is everything they have been looking for in a tablet, backed by the high quality of Samsung products.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Android tablet is built to last despite its light and thin construction. The Sturdy built, thin and light design, Admirable display and extended battery and all the Android apps, this tablet offers good value for its cost.

It comes loaded with widgets and Apps. (Chrome browser, google navigation, gmail, and some games preloaded)

The Galaxy’s Speaker quality is not the best in the world, and not too loud. The speakers are set on both sides of the tablet so it makes it easy to block with your hands if you want it to be muted. The screen is pretty vivid and close to Glass with very little reflection. The smallest text is readable and the lights are fairly bright.

Overall a nice super-powerful device. Make sure to get the origami case, fully magnetic, very cool and easy to use.

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