Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is being touted as one of the most comfortable tablets to use. With a dual core processor of 1.2 GHZ, this is one of the most powerful tablets Samsung has ever released. Its two built in cameras already put it one step ahead of the competition. These two cameras are well suited for engaging in video chat as well as taking high quality photos. The tablet’s front camera is 1.3 megapixels and its rear camera is 3 megapixels. The tablet’s reverse button makes it possible for users to take great pictures of themselves with it.

Channel bonding connections used by the tablet make browsing the Internet on it an easy task that can be performed quickly. These connections are reliable enough that users can count on them to be able to access the Internet whenever they need to. The connectors included in the tablet are a 3.5mm stereo earjack, USB and Micro USB and a slot for an external memory card.

Multimedia services offered through the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 make it easy to store and view digital media such as movies and music. With music, video and game hubs it is easy for users to find whatever type of entertainment they are looking for on their tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy tab 3 has several available sizes to choose from, the 7, 8, and 10 inch screen that vary in price from $199 to $399. (This does not including the DATA plan, choosing the right one is crucial – Click here for more info on DATA Plans), the 7 inch would be considered a budget tablet. The Galaxy tab 3 is available in two colors, white, or Brown. The 7-inch is low spec, comparable to the Kindle Fire. The 8, and 10 inch models are more advanced.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3







        Battery Life





            • - Thin & Light
            • - Great Battery life
            • - Build-in TV remote
            • - Virtual Keyboard
            • - Excellent Apps


            • - Speakers Could be better
            • - Low resolution Screen