Screen Display

Second on the list is the Display. Several factors should be considered. First make sure the screen resolution as high enough. You are looking for the number of pixels, the higher the pixels the better the resolution. For the non-tech person, this is what gives you that clear crisp image. This will have a direct effect on the quality of the games you play, the videos you watch, and the pictures you manger. You want to get a resolution that is at least in the 1280 by 840. Another factor to consider it the type of touch screen. Currently, there are a couple of available options, Capacitive and Resistive. Capacitive is the most responsive especially if you plan on using your bare fingers, while the Resistive is more suited for users who use a stylus. You also need to consider the response of the display. Look for multi-touch functionality that takes into consideration 3-points of touch, as opposed to 2-points of touch. Making the unit more responsive will help you work more efficiently.