Tablet Buying Guide

Buying a tablet, without having buyers regret (there is no worse feeling), should be easy if you follow the following simple 5 steps in our tablet buying guide.

Choose the Features – First step of the tablet buying guide is to understand what you need to get out of the Tablet. Our overall ratings are based on five basic tablet features. You need to decide which one(s) are the most important to you to narrow down the options. The features include the Processor, Display, Connectivity, Camera, and…READ  MORE

Budget – Budgeting needs to be one of the earlier decisions in the buying process. The price for a tablet today will vary from just under $100 to near $1,000. If your budget is in the $300 to $500 range you should end up with a pretty decent machine. Of course if you can extend you budget a bit you could end up with a power house that will turn heads.

Tablet Review – Review the overall makeup of the tablets, we have put together a full detailed list of the top ones currently available. At this stage of your analysis you already understand the five crucial features to consider. Note that the highest rating is a 10 out of 10. The highest we gave any tablet is a …READ MORE

Data Plans – By this point you should have narrowed your Tablet picks to just a couple.  Its time for you to consider which data plan to go with. (You can choose to go with just wifi, but to get the full power of this machine while you surf the world wide web, a real data plan will make the difference.) Data plans are sold based on…READ MORE

PRICE – The last step in the tablet buying guide is to consider the Price. At this juncture you should have a good idea of the type of Tablet you want, which features it needs to have, and the maximum amount you are willing to spend. Now its all about buying it for a great price at a reliable place. All you need to do is...READ MORE