Zeepad Multi-Touch Tablet – 4GB

The Zeepad Multi-Touch Tablet is a simple tablet for less than $100.  At first glance, this glossy black Android with a 9 inch screen and 4 GB of storage may seem like a great option for Android-fans who do not require too may bells and whistles.  That is, unless you to read the many reports from users who simply put it in the trash.

Specs  – With an average of 4 hours of battery life, 2 USB ports, and a rear camera with 1 MP webcam resolution, the Zeepad Multi-Touch tablet with 802.11bgn wireless with 1 processor and DDR3 SDRAM memory with 512 MB ddr3 of RAM. The Zeepad Multi-Touch uses the Android 4.0 ICS OS, weighs 3 pounds, and if you are one of the lucky customers for whom the tablet works, it is easy to use.

Strengths – The Zeepad Multi-Touch tablet is pre-loaded with Skype and the Google Play App store.  Of course, Android apps have long since caught up, and in many cases, surpassed a number of iOS apps; and the Google Play App Store offers every app imaginable.  Users report that the Zeepad Multi-Touch tablet charges in about 5 hours and connects easily to Wi-Fi.  The tablet includes a keyboard case, screen saver, headphones, electrical charger and a USB cord.  If you require additional memory, a Micro SD card can expand the Zeepad’s memory up to32 GB.

Weaknesses – The Zeepad Multi-Touch tablet’s weaknesses are many.  Common complaints about Google and Android ads, need for Wi-Fi connection for browsing, and poor picture quality pale in comparison to more serious concerns.  Users report that the Wi-Fi never shows more than 4 bars even standing right next to the router, and boot up is very slow.  Sound quality is low, and users report that the headphones are not good.  There is no GPS chip, or rear facing camera. The system labels the interior memory as sdcard, and the external card as extsdcard so you may have trouble with apps that you can not directly download to the exterior card.

Complaints about the Zeepad Multi-Touch tablet seem to go hand-in-hand with its use.  Some report that there are black dots on the screen that never disappear, some report that the tablet simply stops loading web pages and times out, and others have complained that they cannot even turn the device off.  The Zeepad Multi-Touch User’s Manual is barely legible with poorly written instructions and misspelled words.  Plus, it will cost a minimum of $52 in international postage fees when you have to send the tablet to China when it becomes inoperable.

Outstanding Features – The Zeepad Multi-Touch tablet’s most outstanding features are its lack of dependability.  It ships from California, but you are instructed to return it to China, at your expense.  Whether or not you receive a refund or a fixed, new or refurbished Zeepad is anyone’s guess.  If you like to gamble, and can afford to lose money, the Zeepad Multi-Touch tablet may very well be your best buy.

Zeepad Multi-Touch Tablet

Zeepad Multi-Touch Tablet







        Battery life





            • - pre-loaded with Skype and the Google Play
            • - Can't beat the Price


            • - Sound quality is low
            • - No Rear Camera